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Do you suffer from missing teeth? Do you need to visit a dental office near Mesa Arizona? Our practice provides a wide range of implant dentistry services including dentures and mini dental implants. We encourage you to read this page and learn more about guaranteed dentures provided at Jeffrey S. Miller, DDS, PC.                                                               

                                         A Tradition of Excellence in Dentures Since 1978

"If within six months of delivery you are not satisfied with the fit and comfort of your new dentures your money will be refunded in full"

Your dentures will be made in our in office laboratory with all the care, skill and judgement that comes from 30 years of denture experience. Dr. Miller and his denture technician work together as a team to provide the highest quality Mesa, AZ denture care possible at a price that will fit your budget. Their premium dentures offer innovations such as bladed back teeth for the most efficient chewing, designer front teeth for the most natural smile and injection processing for the most accurate fit and durability.

For patients with chronic soreness lower dentures with processed cushion liners for maximum comfort are available.  Mini Dental Implants are a wonderful cost effective option to anchor the lower denture and provide a level of security and comfort unobtainable with convention dentures. Traditional implants are also available for cases where mini implants are not appropriate. Patients are very secure in the knowledge that all of their implant treatment will take place in one office without outside referrals.

Partial denture wearers have the choice of convention metal frame and hook partials or natural colored flex partials with invisible hooks.Tooth colored coatings to mask metal hooks are also available.

Dr. Miller also has years of experience working with virtually every type and variety of dental implant retained or stabilized dentures. In a number of cases, patients with older implants were told they needed extensive and costly treatment including additional surgery when Dr. Miller was able successfully treat them in a simpler, more practical and less costly fashion.

There is never a charge for a denture or dental implant consultation. Call today for an appointment! 480-830-2000.