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Our team believes that proper oral hygiene habits lead to a happier and more productive life. On this page, you can learn about some implant dentistry innovations. We hope that you contact our Mesa Arizona dental office for mini dental implants, adult dentistry services and emergency care.

Bladed Back Teeth for More Efficient Chewing 

      Since in 1982 Dr. Miller has extensively used bladed back teeth in his Mesa dentures. They offer unparalleled chewing ability and have been universally accepted by his patients

     They are particularly effective in chewing meat and salads - steak, lettuce and tomato skins are no longer a problem.

     The surgical stainless steel bar in these unique teeth wears very little. They will actually develop a groove in the opposing back  teeth. While the groove will deepen over time the chewing efficiency of these specially designed teeth decrease very little.   

       In a survey of over 100 patients whose dentures had bladed back teeth 89% reported they ate salads and 78% steaks.


Cushion Liners for Problem Lower Dentures


    If you lower denture is always sore then a laboratory processed cushion liner may be the answer. Unlike temporary liners these durable materials will last several years if they are properly cared for. Unlike home liners that must be replaced daily these rubbery materials bond to the acrylic denture base.

      In many cases cushion liners have brought comfort to people who have worn dentures for so many years that they are not good candidates for dental implants due to advanced bone loss.

      To see if a lab processed cushion liner is indicated in your situation please call for a free consultation with our Mesa, AZ implant dentist and Dr. Miller will examine your mouth and your dentures to make a recommendation.

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